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Hydraulic Pumps

1. Locate the hydraulic pump at the front or your tractors engine. You should see two steel tubes on the pump. One tube will be a larger diameter than the other tube. The smaller diameter tube is the high pressure, and the larger diameter tube is the the suction. 2. Follow the Suction Tube (connected to the larger diameter tube on the hydraulic pump) to the rear of the tractor. The tube (steel Line) will go into the rear end case, and behind that is a hydraulic oil screen. Some tractors will have a plate on the oppisite side. If your tractor has the plate on the opposite side, this is how to remove the screen. For most tractors, the hydraulic screen will come out when you the bolts holding the tube on. 3. Remove the hydraulic screen and clean it. You will have to drain all the hydraulic oil from the tractor befor removing the screen. Some tractors have an outside, spin-on hydraulic filter without a screen. If your tractor has an outside filter, change the filter and test your hydraulics. If your hydraulics work after changing the filter and or screen, you don't need a new hydraulic pump 4. After installing a new filter and screen, or replacing your old screen, make sure your old hydraulic oil is clean and clear.If your hydraulic oil looks dirty or milky,replace with new hydraulic oil. You can purchase standard transmission/hydraulic oil at any tractor or farm store, and most auto parts stores such as Napa Auto Parts. The tractor hydraulic oil is about 15W oil. DO NOT USE car auto transmission oil, or 90W oil. Your tractor should hold between 5 and 6 gallons of hydraulic oil. 5. After replacing, if necessary, your hydraulic oil, start your tractor and test the hydraulic operation and your 3 point hitch. If the hydraulics still are not working, you need to replace your hydraulic pump with a new or used one. FOR QUESTIONS, HELP OR CONCERNS, PLEASE CALL OUR PARTS DEPARTMENT AT 760-240-3336 All prices are subject to change without notice.
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Tractor Hydraulic Pumps
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Tractor Hydraulic Pumps
We stock, and can order, new hydraulic pumps for Japanese imported tractors. We also sell tested, good used hydraulic pumps.